Responsible Purchasing

When possible, we purchase seasonal, responsibly raised and locally grown products.

Sun Devil Dining's Commitment

Aramark at Arizona State University considers the environmental impact of purchasing practices daily. We seek to purchase and use environmentally preferable products and services.

Arizona Grown

Sun Devil Dining aims to purchase items harvested and produced within 250 miles of Arizona State University when seasonally available.

Arizona Grown Logo

Arizona Seasonal Produce Calendar

Using an Arizona Seasonal Produce calendar, our chefs are able to use local, seasonal items.

Arizona Seasonal Produce Calendar

Plant-Based Alternatives

In partnership with the Humane Society of the United States, our “Fresh Start to the Week” program encourages meat eaters to replace meat with a plant-based entrée once per week. Replacing meat with plant-based alternatives helps to reduce energy and water that is required for meat production. The Daily Root station in all dining halls features plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

Daily Root Logo


Our “Plant-Forward” menus prioritize plant-based foods, with whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds and herbs as the focal point of the dish, while animal protein is consumed in smaller portions or periodically left out. Reducing the amount of animal proteins consumed greatly reduces energy and water that is needed throughout the meat production process.

Plant Forward bowls

Seasonal and Sustainable Menus

Seasonal and sustainable menus are featured at Engrained Café and ASU Catering’s Decidedly Green menu. Developing seasonal menus allows our chefs to incorporate local produce and humanely raised animal products into their recipes and reduce the carbon footprint of food served.

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Sustainably Certified Coffee

Third-party sustainably certified coffee from Java City and Seattle’s Best available at residential dining and convenience store locations on campus.

Sustainably Certified Coffee

Fair Trade University

Sun Devil Dining played an integral role in Arizona State University’s designation as the largest Fair Trade Certified campus in the United States by carrying at least two Fair Trade certified products at all locations. Purchasing Fair Trade products helps farm workers receive a living wage and invest back into their communities. Look for the Fair Trade logo on coffee, tea, chocolate, fruits and vegetables, and more!

Fair Trade Campaigns logo

Cage Free Eggs

With a total of 8 dining halls at ASU serving breakfast daily, eggs comprise a large part of our food purchases. Sun Devil Dining has committed to purchasing 100% Cage Free certified eggs, ensuring that hens have the space to move around, stretch their wings and other natural behaviors.


Sustainable Seafood

Sun Devil Dining adheres to a set of principles that we expect from our seafood suppliers. We are committed to sourcing seafood that conserves the health of ocean ecosystems, improves traceability, ensures responsible labor practices and supports long-term seafood sustainability.

Humanely Certified