Responsible Purchasing

When possible, we purchase seasonal, responsibly raised and locally grown products.

Sun Devil Dining's Commitment

Aramark at Arizona State University considers the environmental impact of purchasing practices daily. We seek to purchase and use environmentally preferable products and services.

Arizona Grown

Sun Devil Dining aims to purchase items harvested and produced within 250 miles of Arizona State University when seasonally available.

Arizona Grown Logo

Arizona Seasonal Produce Calendar

Using an Arizona Seasonal Produce calendar, our “Ingredient of the Month” program allows chefs to highlight a local, seasonal item in their recipes each month.

Ingredient of the Month

Plant-Based Alternatives

In partnership with the Humane Society of the United States, our “Fresh Start to the Week” program encourages meat eaters to replace meat with a plant-based entrée once per week. Replacing meat with plant-based alternatives helps to reduce energy and water that is required for meat production. The Daily Root station in all dining halls features plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

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Seasonal and Sustainable Menus

Seasonal and sustainable menus are featured at Engrained Café and ASU Catering’s Decidedly Green menu. Developing seasonal menus allows our chefs to incorporate local produce and humanely raised animal products into their recipes and reduce the carbon footprint of food served.

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Sustainably Certified Coffee

Sustainably certified EcoGrounds coffee from Java City available at residential dining and convenient store locations on campus.

Sustainably Certified Coffee

Humanely Certified

Humanely Certified proteins available in grab and go offerings, catering events, retail locations and dining halls.

Humanely Certified

Sustainable Eggs and Tuna

We’ve made a commitment to serve 100% Cage Free shell and liquid eggs and sustainably certified tuna in all dining locations.

Humanely Certified

Campus Harvest Program

Sun Devil Dining and the ASU Grounds Department developed the Campus Harvest program in 2008 to divert edible landscape from the landfill and feature Seville oranges and several varieties of dates in campus dining locations. This program has been the recipient of an ASU President’s Award for Sustainability.

Seville Oranges

The Seville oranges are the largest crop at the Tempe campus, with over 260 Seville orange trees producing 6 to 8 tons of the sour fruit each year. As the operation grew in scale and popularity Sun Orchard, a local juicer, joined the partnership in 2015 to juice over 10,000 pounds of oranges each year.

Sun Orchard Juicery

Date Harvesting

With 140 date palms producing over 50 varieties of dates, the date germplasm on the Polytechnic campus is the largest collection of date palms in a public garden in the country. Sun Devil Dining staff assists Campus Harvest by volunteering to harvest and package over 4,000 pounds of dates each fall and are utilized by residential, bakery, production and catering chefs on campus.

Date Harvesting