Efficient Operations

We are always implementing practices to conserve our resources and ensure operational efficiencies.

Sun Devil Dining's Commitment

Efficient operations go well beyond conservation, and cover an array of practices ranging from building design, energy saving equipment and extensive employee training and engagement.

Green Captains

Green Captains are front line employees in each location who champion sustainability and assist in implementing operational initiatives and reinforce training on all sustainability focused procedures.

Green Captains

Conserving Energy and Water Use

The use of energy and water saving fixtures and appliances play a key role in our long term sustainability goals. The use of 100% Green Seal Certified cleaning products ensures that our facilities maintain food safety standards while making a minimal impact on the environment.

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Sustainable Protocols

Energy and water saving protocols are implemented before locations close for holidays or summer months to prevent any unnecessary energy and water use. Equipment is deep cleaned regularly to maximize efficiency. Designated employees are appointed to oversee energy and water use in their locations and report problems at monthly meetings.

Water Use