Sun Devil Dining strives to accommodate a wide variety of special diets and restrictions including those related to religious practices. We carry several certified Kosher products in our on-campus markets for those who follow Kosher dietary laws. If there is a specific product that you would like us to carry, please contact us with the brand name and food item.

Additionally, our Hassayampa Dining Center has a completely Kosher station. A certified Rabi is always present for all preparing, cooking, and cleaning at the station. In observance of Jewish Holidays, the Kosher station is open:

Monday - Friday:
11 am - 2 pm (Friday Lunch Only)
Dinner: 4:30 pm - 8 pm

Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 4:30 pm - 8 pm

Located on the Tempe campus, west of the Memorial Union, Chick-In is another great option for a certified Kosher menu.

Arizona Tea Gatorade Naked Juice
Dasani Honest Tea Peace Tea
Coke Products Illy Smart Water
Fruit Water Minute Maid Snapple
Full Throttle Muscle Milk Vitamin Water
Fuze Nawgan Zico
Cap’n Crunch Greek Yogurt Kashi Oatmeal
Cascadian Farm Spread Jelly Honey Brunches of Oats Reese’s Puffs
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Honey–Combs
Chobani Yogurts Honey Nut Cheerios
All M&M Products M&M Snickers Rockin’ Road
Ferrero Rocher Milky Way Twix
Hershey Cookies & Cream Drops Reese’s
Kit Kat Snickers
Frozen Entree
Amy’s Broccoli & Cheddar Bake Amy’s Bean & Cheese Snack
Amy’s Cheese Ravioli Bowl Amy’s Teriyaki Bowl
Amy’s Country Cheddar Bowl Organic Cascadian Broccoli Cuts
Amy’s Santa Fe Enchilada Bowl Organic Cascadian Chinese Stir Fry
Amy’s Macaroni & Soy Cheese Organic Cascadian Mixed Vegetables
Amy’s Broccoli Pot Pie Tofutti Cuties
Amy’s Pesto Tortellini Bowl