Sun Devil Dining is committed to creating building a healthier community and supporting healthier lifestyles.

It is our goal to:


Enable a healthy food environment by making healthy choices easy to find with: Nutrition Signage and Wellness Centers.

Nutrition Education Sign


Educate to create a foundation of knowledge that empowers informed choices by using: Literature Displays, Educational Information, Wellness Workshops and Cooking Demos. We also offer mobile platforms to make healthy eating more convenient with the CampusDish Mobile App and partnership with MyFitnessPal®.

Nutritionist and Food Samples

CampusDish - Hours, Menus, Nutrition and More

The CampusDish website offers students, faculty, and staff the ability to access daily menus at the dining halls and nutrition information.

MyFitnessPal® Mobile App

All residential dining halls and national brand partners’ menus are available in the MyFitnessPal® app. Simply download the app then search for nutrition information or track your calories. Type “Aramark on Campus” and then the name of the menu item to find nutrition information.

Dining in residential dining hall?

Type ‘Aramark on Campus’ and then the menu item name to track your meal.

Dining in a retail location?

Type the name of the brand and then the name of the menu item to track your meal.

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Encourage a heightened level of interest by making healthy dining appealing with food demonstrations and tastings.

Nutrition Education Sign


Engage with the ASU community by building active participation at wellness events such as our annual events “Eat Well. Live Well,” “Dine Healthy. Be Healthy,” and monthly tabling sessions with our On-Campus Nutritionists.

Nutrition Education Sign