Meal Exchange

Meal Exchange

What is Meal Exchange?

Meal Exchange is designed for students on-the-go! Offers the ultimate in convenience with meal options that can be easily exchanged for a swipe three a day at all on-campus markets. Choose one entree, one side, and one beverage.

The meal exchange program is valued at $10 for qualifying food and beverage items. Select one single serve entree, one side, and one beverage.

Where can I use a Meal Exchange?

Meal exchanges are select menu items found at Tempe, Polytechnic, Downtown Phoenix, and West campus P.O.D. Markets. In addition, students may use it at Flip Kitchen inside Fusion on First on the Downtown Phoenix Campus for two meal swipes per day. Select your entrée, side and beverage from the coolers, freezers or applicable aisle and a cashier will ring you up with your Student ID under meal exchange.

What is excluded from a Meal Exchange?

Electronics, household products, and the Rotisserie Chicken at the P.O.D. Warehouse on the Tempe Campus are excluded.

Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free options available!

Meal Exchange not available during Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break.