Resident Meal Plans at ASU West Campus

Please Note! Students who are required to purchase a meal plan because they live in a residence hall on campus, must select their meal plan through the myASU Web Portal. This online meal plan feature can be used by Voluntary/Commuter Students, Faculty & Staff and any on-campus resident who wants to add additional meals or M&G to any existing meal plan.

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017


Unlimited Meals + $250 M&G Dollars

Unlimited dining with full access; it’s a great value for anyone.
- Unlimited meals/week
- $250 M&G Dollars
- No need to keep track of a weekly balance

You Pay

14 Meals per week + $375 M&G Dollars

Weekly Planner-Meals are allotted and available each week.
- 14 meals/week
- $375 M&G Dollars
- Most selected plan for first year residents
- Meals reset each Wednesday
- This is the default plan

You Pay

180 Meals per semester + $375 M&G Dollars

The Grab N’ Go-The best value if you never know where you’ll be eating next!
- 180 meals/semester
- $375 M&G Dollars
- This is a semester block plan versus a weekly meal plan
- About 10 Meals per week

You Pay

8 Meals per week + $150 M&G Dollars

The Light Bundle-Meals are allotted and available each week.
- 8 meals/week
- $150 M&G Dollars
- Meals reset each Wednesday

You Pay

All Maroon and Gold - $1,015.00 M&G
Upperclassmen ONLY

- $1,015.00 M&G Dollars/semester

You Pay

Click Here for the West meal plan brochure Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

*Residential Restaurant Retail Rate (Cash, Debit, Credit or M&G): Breakfast $6.60, Lunch $8.60, Dinner $9.60. Meals can be used at the following residential restaurants: Tempe: Hassayampa, Manzy Square, Pitchforks inside the Memorial Union, Barrett Dining Center; Taylor Place at the Downtown Campus; Verde Dining Pavilion at West Campus and Citrus Dining Pavilion at Polytechnic campus. M&G Dollars can be used at any Sun Devil Dining location.

**Unused M&G Dollars from residential dining plans transfer from Fall through Summer semester. Any unused M&G are non-refundable at the end of the Summer session and cannot be transferred to the new academic year. Meals must be used in the week or semester (depending on the plan) they are issued in. The week begins on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday. Unused meals do not roll over from week to week, or semester to semester.