Polytechnic Campus Meal Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Do I have to purchase a dining plan each semester?

All first year students living on the Tempe, Downtown Phoenix, West and Polytechnic campuses are required by the University to purchase a dining plan each semester All Barrett Honors College students living in the Barrett Residential Complex are required to purchase a Barrett dining plan each semester. Any Upper-division or Graduate students living in traditional residence halls are required to have a meal plan. If you are an upperclassman living in a university apartment (Adelphi Commons II, Cholla, Vista del Sol, University Towers, Falcon, Mustang, Phantom or Las Casas) you are not required to purchase a plan, although it is strongly recommended.

When does my dining plan start?

Important Dates for Dining Plans*

  • 8/15     Fall 2015 Semester M&G and Meals at Residential Restaurants Active
  • 8/28       Deadline to Change your Dining Plan - 5 p.m.
  • 10/10-13  Fall Break (Residential Restaurants open for Brunch and Dinner)
  • 11/25  Thanksgiving Break Begins (Last Meal in Residential Restaurants - Lunch)
  • 11/26-28  Thanksgiving Break (Residential Restaurants Closed)
  • 11/29     Thanksgiving Break Ends (First Meal in Residential Restaurants - Dinner)
  • 12/12   Fall 2015 Semester Ends (Last Meal in Residential Restaurants - Lunch)
  • 1/10     Spring 2016 Semester (First Meal in Residential Restaurants - Dinner)
  • 1/24     Deadline to Change your Dining Plan
  • 3/6       Spring Break Begins (Last Meal in Residential Restaurants - Lunch)
  • 3/13     Spring Break Ends (First Meal in Residential Restaurants - Dinner)
  • 5/7     Spring 2016 Semester Ends (Last Meal in Residential Restaurants - Lunch)

*Dates Subject to Change

Can I carry over any unused meals to the next week or next semester?

No. Plan to use your meals each week or each semester, depending on your plan. We can help you decide on the right plan to fit your schedule and eating habits, ensuring that you get the full value of your plan. Please contact us if you need additional assistance.

What happens if I have M&G or Meals left at the end of the semester?

For Mandatory Resident students, M&G dollars transfer from the Fall to Spring semester and over the summer. Any dollars not used by the conclusion of summer session 2016 are forfeited. All accounts are reset at the conclusion of summer session 2016.
If you are a Voluntary/Commuter (includes mandatory students that add on M&G after using the allotted amount from the mandatory dining plan) dining plan student, M&G Dollars transfer from semester to semester until you graduate from the university.
All M&G Dollars must be spent prior to graduation, any unused dollars prior to graduation will be forfeited. M&G Dollars may also be forfeited if there is no use on the account for six months or longer.

What is Meal Exchange? Where else can I use my meals swipes besides the Residential Restaurants?

Meal exchange is available at the Tempe Campus at Outta Here in the Memorial Union, Sonora Market (Sonora), Hassayampa P.O.D. Market and PV Market, Taylor Marketplace and Devils’ Greens at the Downtown campus, West P.O.D. Market and Poly Marketplace during regular hours of operation. All meal plans include one meal exchange per day. Meal Exchange options vary by location but will guarantee a full on-the-go meal.

Can I treat a friend to a meal on my plan?

Depending on the dining plan you select, there are options for guest meals. Guest meals allow you to pay for your friend or family member with your meal plan. You can also treat a friend using your M&G Dollars, Pitchfork ID MasterCard® Check Card, cash or credit cards.

What is a guest meal?

The Unlimited, 14 meals per week and 8 meals per week (12 meals per week for Barrett) plans have guest meals. The guest meals are allotted per semester, however are deducted from the overall weekly meal total. On your receipt, you will see the meals allotted for the week plus the semester guest meals.  

The guest meals are the individual meal plan holder’s meals, but may be used for a guest if desired. If the guest meals are not used, the meal plan holder uses those meals for him/herself as part of their weekly total.  

The 14 meals per week plan has 32 guest meals per semester. The 8 meals per week (or 12 meals per week Barrett) plan has 16 guest meals per semester.  

The Unlimited meal plan is the only plan that has additional guest meals, at 48 guest meals per semester.

How can I check my M&G balance?

The balance is printed on the receipt each time you make a M&G purchase. Check your account with a cashier at any time, visit the Sun Devil Dining office in the Memorial Union (Tempe campus), Room 138 or call 480.727.DINE (3463).

My schedule is really tight a couple of days each week and it looks like I might miss dinner at the Residential Restaurant. What do I do?

Meal exchange is available all day at the Tempe campus at Outta Here (Memorial Union), Sonora Market (Sonora), Devils’ Diner (Palo Verde Main), and Devils’ Bistro (Palo Verde Main). Meal exchange is available after the residential restaurants are closed at Hassayampa P.O.D. Market at the Tempe campus, Devils’ Greens at the Downtown campus, Poly Market Place and West P.O.D. Market.

Can I get a refund on my already purchased meal plan?

All purchases are final. You may not cancel / refund your dining plan purchase unless you officially withdraw from Arizona State University, with University documentation. In this case, refunds will be issued minus used portions of the plan.

How do I change my meal plan?

Dining plan changes for Mandatory Resident students are accepted up through the first week of the Fall and Spring semesters. If you need to change your dining plan, please visit the University Housing website to make your requested dining plan change online. All voluntary dining plan purchases are final at the time of purchase.

How can I add more M&G or meals to my Card?

You can add M&G or meals to your card at any time by visiting SunDevilDining.com, visiting the Sun Devil Dining office located in Memorial Union, Room 138, or call our Dine Line at 480.727.DINE (3463). You can also fax 480.727.0008 or mail your order form with payment to:
ARAMARK at ASU, 1290 S. Normal Ave., Memorial Union #138, Tempe, AZ 85287-0801